Ekaship has ability of trading following winches: Linear Winches, Anchor Windlass / Winches / Capstans, Anchor Handling Towing Winch, Mooring Winches, Hydraulic / Electric / Pneumatic, etc. We trade above items to Europe, USA and many other countries. The Chain size covers 26-32 Mm/46-56 Mm/34-44 Mm/58-64 Mm/66-70 Mm. Most class certificates are available from makers. We provide 12 months guarantee and give spare parts for free within 5 years. If you need any spare parts of China made winches, just contact us to get prices of spare parts.
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Ekaship is able to supply capstan driven by electricity or hydraulic normally. The capstan configuration could be vertical or horizontal to apply to the mooring or anchor lifting. If any special requests, Ekaship can also fabricate as per your demands.
If you are looking forward to print your membrane keypad, then look no further than ElecFlex. We are professionals in designing the ideal circuit that will suit your needs. All you have to do is just provide us with a circuit schematic draft, which can be in any format (can even be a simple pencil sketch), and we will design the workable circuit layout for your approval. Your keypad will be ready only after receiving the approval.
Why should you choose Ekaship as a supplier of anchor and chain? We have better prices than most manufacturers, because of our own stocks in China. All kinds of anchors could be traded by us. The anchor types covers speck anchor, USA weld type stockless anchor, JIS stockless anchor, HHP anchor, single fluke anchor, hall anchor, Delta anchor, Danforth anchor, and admiralty anchor, etc. We can deliver all of them to the location wherever you request in the world. Within 4 days, we can deliver above items to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc in Asia. Ekaship also has a warehouse in Suez po